Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Power of Crafting!

My oldest daughter, Laura, is 13 years old. She only crafts when the need arises! She is a big fan of the country singer Taylor Swift so when she heard that Taylor was coming to Belfast she sprang into crafting action! She decided to make posters - complete with fairy lights round the edges(!) and customised t-shirts for her and her friend Megan. She worked hard on them and did a good job - a good enough job for her and Megan to be noticed and chosen from thousands of fans at the Odyssey to meet Taylor Swift at the end of the concert!


  1. Hi Jill. Wow!! That was the perfect end to a brilliant night for the girls. The concert was amazing and I think I saw their posters opposite us during the concert. Donna

  2. And my first thought was also 'Wow' - well done Laura....obviously a chip of the 'old' (?LOL?) block.....that was a super idea to get where you show great promise....big career ahead girl.!!!