Saturday, 7 July 2012

Aqua Mist - Lovely Layers!

I received my PTI order just yesterday and, as usual, I am absolutely delighted with it! I just love, love, love this set and, of course, the dies to match!  It is wonderful to be 'off school' and 'on holidays'.  So far I have been really busy and had lots of lovely visitors - what a fantastic start to the summer!  On top of that, I have got up early every morning so far and made the most of the whole day - that of course included a little time yesterday and today in the Craft Room.  I have not had the opportunity to blog really since Easter as my eldest daughter used my crafting space as her 'Study Room' and I wanted to leave the space to her as she focussed on the first part of her GCSE's.  How great it is to be crafting again!  Here is my next effort!


  1. Beautiful cards! Glad you've found some time to craft & blog - it's difficult sometimes isn't it? x

  2. Gosh I haven't been in your site for so long as I'd given up looking knowing the room was otherwise trust it was all worth it.
    I did mean to contact you before the beginning of August but sadly missed wishing you a good holiday.
    The cards are beautiful, as usual. Hope ALL are well.